The characteristics and uses of deep hole plates
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The characteristics and uses of deep hole plates

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  The length and width of the deep-well plate comply with SBS international standards. On the basis of the appearance size of ordinary micro-well plates (mainly 96 and 384-well plates), the depth of the wells is increased to achieve the purpose of increasing the volume of each well. And in order to adapt to its specific scope of use, on the one hand, it changed the manufacturing material (now multi-purpose polypropylene (PP)), on the other hand, improved the surface treatment process, and then made this series of deep-well plates.


  PP material, in line with USP-6, stable chemical properties, excellent chemical resistance


  ●Can be sterilized by high temperature and high pressure, 121°C, 20psi. No deformation in 20 minutes
  ●Can be frozen to -80°C
  ●Can withstand 3000-4000g centrifugal force without damage or deformation
   ●Less residual liquid and less wall hanging.
  ●The product complies with ANSI (Amer ican National Standards Institute) standards and is suitable for multichannel pipettes and automation equipment
  ●96-hole square hole 2.2 mL, round hole 2.0 m can be used in magnetic bead kits, suitable for nucleic acid extractors from multiple manufacturers
  ●Can be sealed with self-adhesive, silicone, heat-sealing film
  ●Good flatness, long-distance transportation after sealing with heat-sealing film
  ●High uniformity between holes
  ● Stackable, letter cut corner marking, easier to identify and read
  ●Each package has an independent article number and batch number identification, which is convenient for quality traceability and traceability
  ●No RNA/DNA enzyme pollution, no pyrogen pollution, low heavy metal content
   ●Provide non-sterilized and electron beam sterilized products (customizable)


  1. Storage of samples: It can replace the conventional 1.5 mL centrifuge tube to store samples, and it is placed neatly during storage, saving space, large storage capacity, and can withstand -80C refrigerator. So it is also called the storage board.
  2. Sample processing: It can be combined with discharge guns, high-throughput automatic liquid operation instruments and software to achieve high-throughput operations on biological samples, such as protein precipitation, liquid extraction, accounting extraction, etc. Greatly improve the efficiency of sample processing. Can withstand 121° high temperature and high pressure sterilization treatment.
3. Sampling operation: It is commonly used in the automation equipment of various companies. It can be directly placed in the sample compartment of the automatic equipment for injection. Compared with traditional sampling, it can not only double the number of samples in the sample compartment, but also realize Samples are injected directly after processing on 96-well plates, eliminating the need for tedious work such as drawing samples back and forth and placing samples.
  4. Application direction: Genomic DNA extraction, plasmid DNA extraction, and nucleic acid extraction and purification of various samples. High-throughput automatic liquid operations to achieve high-throughput operations, such as protein precipitation, liquid extraction, animal tissue, bacteria, plants, soil, clinical samples, yeast, etc.