The role and purpose of using filter tips
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The role and purpose of using filter tips

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  The role of filter tips

  Because filter tips are disposable filter tips, their role during use is to prevent cross-contamination: unlike other filter types that contain additives that can inhibit enzymatic reactions, filtered pipette tips are made of pure raw sintered polymer Made of vinyl. Hydrophobic polyethylene particles prevent aerosols and liquids from being sucked into the pipette.
  The filter of the filter tip is machine-loaded to ensure that it is completely unaffected during the manufacturing and packaging process. They are certified to be free of RNase, DNase, DNA and pyrogen contamination. In addition, all filters are pre-sterilized by radiation after packaging to enhance the protection of biological samples. The use of filter tips can be used to prevent the pipette from being damaged by the sample and greatly increase the service life of the pipette.

  Purpose of the filter tip

  Prevent cross contamination. During the use of the pipette, there is a risk of aspirating liquid. Therefore, in the process of using the same pipette to transfer different samples or reagents, you need to use a pipette tip with a filter element to avoid cross-contamination. The filter element is loaded with a machine to ensure that the tip is not damaged during the manufacturing and packaging process. . In addition, all filter tips must be pre-sterilized by radiation after packaging to prevent the risk of contamination of biological samples caused by the use of bagged tips and damage to the filter by self-sterilization. The suction head with filter is processed by mold and molding method. The pipette tips are molded from high-transparency resin, and many include graduation marks. Packaging options range from bulk packaging to box packaging to aseptic box packaging, and also include environmentally friendly options such as tip pre-loading plate system and carrier boxes.

  When to use filter tips

  Filter pipette tips must be used in all molecular biology applications that are sensitive to contamination. The filter tip helps reduce the possibility of smoke formation, prevents aerosol contamination, and protects the pipette shaft from cross-contamination. In addition, the filter barrier prevents the sample from being carried away from the pipette, thereby preventing PCR contamination.
The    filter tip also prevents the sample from entering the pipette and causing damage to the pipette during pipetting.