An article takes you to understand the characteris
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An article takes you to understand the characteris

Time:2021-12-24 15:16:04 Click on:242 Source:Luoyang Dianrun Technology Co., Ltd.

  1. Product features

  1) 100,000 dust-level clean workshops, no DNA and RNA, no heat source, medical polypropylene materials;
       2) Ultra-thin and uniform tube wall, faster and more accurate heat conduction, and accurate temperature control;
       3) Optical cover, fluorescence transmittance is above 95%;
       4) Suitable for real-time PCR and general PCR and reverse transcription experimental consumables;
       5) Applicable models: bio-rad ABI Agilent and ordinary PCR instruments.

  2. The production process of PCR 8-strip tube

  Product quality and production technology are inseparable. High-precision manufacturing technology and high-precision equipment are the prerequisites for product quality. The PCR experiment pays special attention to the wall thickness of the PCR material, which requires ultra-thin and uniform wall thickness uniformity to ensure the heating module. Transfer the heat evenly to the samples in the PCR 8-strip tube to achieve the accuracy of the experimental results.

  3、Light transmission

  Due to the nature of most fluorescent quantitative PCR instruments, the light path needs to be conducted from the top of the consumable to the inside of the tube, so the translucency of the consumable needs to be particularly high.


  The sealing performance of the tube cover and the tube body needs to be particularly good to prevent the sample from evaporating in the tube, avoid cross-contamination, and ensure the correctness of the experimental results.

  5、Production Environment

  With sophisticated equipment, a clean production workshop is also very important. If the sample is contaminated by unclean materials, the experimental results will be very inaccurate. The reasons for the investigation are time-consuming and labor-intensive. Strict production quality control can ensure the performance of each batch of products. Stability, to ensure the accuracy and repeatability of experimental data.